Nacho Libre Costume Diy


'Nacho Libre': DIY Costume Guide

The world of comedy lit up when the movie 'Nacho Libre' hit the screens. Aside from its hilarious storyline, the character's unique wrestling outfit became a sensation. If you’re looking to bring this Jack Black starrer to life at your next costume party, here's how you can put together your own DIY 'Nacho Libre' costume.

Breaking Down the Costume

First, let's break down the costume into key components which includes:

  1. Wrestling tights - Blue or red, the choice is up to you.
  2. Boot covers - Red or blue in color depending on your tights.
  3. Wrestling mask - Essential to portray the iconic character.
  4. Cape - A bright and bold red fabric can be used.

Now, let’s delve into each component.

Wrestling Tights

The most critical part of 'Nacho Libre' costume is the tights. Nacho Libre is known for his red or blue wrestling tights. You can use a pair of tight-fitting legging-style shorts. Remember, the key here is the fit – they should be skin-tight.

Boot Covers

Boot covers in the same color as your tights would give it the perfect wrestling look. They should ideally reach your knees. You can make these at home using fabric or buy readymade ones online.

Wrestling Mask

Nothing can complete your 'Nacho Libre' look like the iconic wrestling mask. Cut two holes in a red or blue balaclava for your eyes. Make sure to cut out the mouth area as well for the best impression. You can also buy this mask online if you're not up for making one.


The cape should ideally be red. It’s even better if you can find one with a white or lighter-colored border. You can make one using sturdy red fabric. Cut it to reach the middle of your calves and make sure it’s wide enough to wrap around your shoulders.

Finishing Touches

Don't forget the final touches! A curly brown wig or a bald cap (if you happen to have the same hairstyle as Jack Black in the movie) and a stuffed toy eagle will complete your look.

Your homemade 'Nacho Libre' costume is now ready for a fun comedic wrestling match or for stealing the show at your next costume party. Remember, the most important part of this costume is to carry it with the hilarious charisma that Jack Black injects into his 'Nacho Libre' character!


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