Happy Hour Costume


Happy Hour Inspired Costumes: Unleashing Creativity & Fun

Whether it's a costume party or a different kind of social gathering, a "happy hour" inspired costume can bring a unique spin to your outfit and make you the highlight of the event. Here, we guide you through some fun and creative ideas for putting together a happy hour-themed costume.

Cocktail Costumes

  1. Margarita: Consider dressing up as the classic Margarita by wearing a green dress, a sombrero, and carrying a fake margarita glass. You can even adorn your outfit with small, glued-on fake limes to match the theme.

  2. Cosmopolitan: For a cosmopolitan costume, wear a glitzy pink dress along with a fake martini glass accessorized with a lime prop. Pairing with a high-fashion hairstyle would emulate the style associated with the cosmopolitan appeal.

  3. Bloody Mary: Wear a red outfit and accessorize with celery stalk props or tomato illustrations to represent its common garnishes. Don't forget your pretend Bloody Mary glass!

Beer Fun

For beer enthusiasts, consider dressing in a costume that mimics a pint of beer. To stand out even more, household items can be used to simulate froth or condensation. Alternatively, you could dress as a German in Oktoberfest attire with a beer stein in tow.

Wine Elegance

For a more elegant look, consider creating a costume that depicts a bottle of wine. A Bordeaux-red dress matched with a silver sommelier tastevin hanging around your neck would capture the theme perfectly.

Bar Snacks

Doing something out-of-the-box? Consider representing classic bar snacks. Dress in golden-brown to mimic peanuts or pretzels, or even consider a popcorn outfit for added fun.


Pulling together a happy hour-inspired costume allows us to think creatively and adds an element of fun. Whether you go as a favorite drink or snack, the main aim is to have fun and let your festive spirit shine. Your one-of-a-kind costume is sure to make any event more entertaining.


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