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Dressing for Happy Days: A Guide to TV Show Inspired Costumes

Celebrating the spirit of the 1950s and '60s, "Happy Days" is one of the most cherished television series of all time. Its lively characters and nostalgic fashion trends make it a fantastic source of inspiration for Halloween, costume parties, or even themed events. This post will explore how to recreate costumes inspired from "Happy Days."

The Fonz

Undeniably the coolest character on the show, Arthur Fonzarelli (aka The Fonz) is a perfect choice of costume for those who want an effortless yet iconic look. To create a Fonz costume, the key items you'll need include a white T-shirt, a leather jacket, and blue jeans. Top off your outfit with a pair of black biker boots and don't forget to comb your hair into a slick-backed style!

Joanie Cunningham

If you're more into a vintage chic look, you might consider recreating Joanie's signature style. She often wore flared or poodle skirts with cardigans and headbands. You could also opt for one of her "sock hop" ensembles— a Peter Pan collar blouse and a circle skirt.

Richie Cunningham

For those who prefer the classic, All-American look, Richie Cunningham's style is the way to go. His outfit generally consisted of a plaid shirt, high-waisted trousers, white socks, loafers, and occasionally a varsity jacket. Add a clean-cut hairstyle to capture Richie's boy-next-door charm.

More Costuming Elements

Don't forget the accessories to make your costume more authentic. A pair of vintage eyeglasses, saddle shoes, or a poodle skirt (for the ladies) can further enhance the retro vibe of your outfit. For the men, a pair of converse sneakers and a vintage letterman jacket are perfect.


Creating a "Happy Days" costume is all about capturing the spirit of the 1950s and '60s. Whether you prefer the coolness of The Fonz, the girl-next-door vibe of Joanie, or the classic charm of Richie, the essence of "Happy Days" lies in its timeless and nostalgic appeal. And while these costumes certainly stand out at Halloween or costume parties, they can also be a hit at a retro-themed diner or a vintage car show. Whatever the occasion, when you're dressing for "Happy Days," you're sure to make a memorable impression.


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