Hairstylist Halloween Costume


Easy Steps To Create a Hairstylist Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up and embrace a different profession for the night. If you are considering a hairstylist-themed outfit, this blog will guide you through the process of assembling an authentic and impressive costume. The main focus will be on the attire, necessary tools or props, and added details for authenticity.

Attire: Professional and Functional

The attire of a hairstylist can vary widely; however, there are general items of clothing that are commonly associated with the profession:

  1. Black Clothing: Hairstylists often wear black to protect against visible hair clippings and hair dye stains. Opt for a simple black t-shirt and black pants or skirt.

  2. Apron: For a more authentic look, wear a stylist's apron. These are typically black and have several pockets for holding tools. If you don't have a stylist's apron, a regular black apron will work.

Tools and Props: Essential for the Look

Carrying hairstyling tools will make your costume more recognizable and create a more impactful impression:

  1. Comb and Scissors: These are everyday tools for hairstylists. Carry a comb and a pair of hairdressing scissors. Be careful with the scissors; consider using blunt-ended ones.

  2. Hairbrush and Hair Dryer: Further enhance the professional image by adding a hairbrush and a (unplugged) hairdryer.

  3. Spray Bottle: Fill an empty spray bottle with water and attach it to your apron. This is another tool commonly used by hairstylists.

Authentic Details: Perfecting the Costume

Finally, to really sell the hairstylist persona, there are a few additional details you can add:

  1. Hair Clips: Attach a few hair clips to your apron, or place them sparsely through your own hair.

  2. Professional Name Tag: Create a personalized name tag to give a professional salon vibe.

  3. Stylish Hairdo: As it is a hairstylist costume, remember to style your hair in a chic and professional manner.

By following these steps, you can create an impressive hairstylist Halloween costume that is both recognizable and fun. Whether you're passing out candy or attending a costume party, this design is sure to be a cut above the rest.


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