Guys and Dolls Costumes


DIY "Guys and Dolls" Costumes: Embrace the Golden Age of Broadway

Creating your own "Guys and Dolls" costume can be a fashionable homage to the classic Broadway musical. By focusing on the iconic clothing styles showcased in the show, you can easily reproduce these iconic looks for your next costume party. This blog post will walk you through assembling both the 'guys' and 'dolls' costumes, including the outfits, accessories, and hairstyles.

Guys' Costume: Embody Old-School Charm

Men’s fashion in "Guys and Dolls" is characterized by 1940s style suits, crisp shirts, and polished accessories. Here's your guide to recreate the look:

  1. Outfit: To mimic the suave style, you'll need a double-breasted suit, dress shirts, and a classy tie. Consider the color combinations that match the era and the character you've decided to emulate.

  2. Accessories: Pick a brimmed fedora or similar style to top your ensemble. Use a white handkerchief as a pocket square and a vintage tie clip to add extra flair.

  3. Shoes: Classic and polished, black or brown leather loafers will be the best match for your outfit.

Dolls' Costume: Exude Vintage Glamour

Women’s fashion in "Guys and Dolls" is marked by its glamor, intricate details, and charm. To emulate this fashion, consider these elements:

  1. Outfit: For the most authentic look, choose a figure-flattering A-line or swing dress that embodies the 1940's fashion. Opt for unique prints like polka dots or floral patterns.

  2. Accessories: Complete your look with vintage-style accessories such as pearls, gloves, or clutch bags. Consider wearing vintage winged sunglasses for that extra glam factor.

  3. Shoes: Choose classic pumps or high heel ankle boots to elevate your Dolls' costume.

Hairstyles: The Final Touch

  1. Guys' Hairstyle: An easy way to complete a Guys' costume is by sporting a clean-cut, slicked-back hairdo.

  2. Dolls' Hairstyle: For the Dolls, pin-up styles or victory rolls are a perfect option. If you have long hair, consider using hot rollers to achieve bouncy curls, reminiscent of the 1940s.

Creating a "Guys and Dolls" look from home is both doable and fun. With key outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, you can fully embrace the golden era of Broadway and create costumes that are show-stoppers in their own right.


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