Greg Brady Costume


Embracing the '70s Look: Crafting a Greg Brady Costume

For those eager to travel back in time to the free-spirited era of the 1970s, there's no better guide than Greg Brady of "The Brady Bunch." His iconic look and perplexing fashion choices provided some of the most memorable '70s fashion trends. In this blog, we'll explore how to recreate a Greg Brady costume that reflects the quintessential stylings of this character, focusing on the attire, the hairstyle, and accessories.

Attire: Going All Out with '70s Fashion

The cornerstone of any Greg Brady costume is, of course, his attire. Paying homage to his outlandish trends will turn heads at any occasion:

  1. Printed Button-Down Shirt: Greg was no stranger to brightly colored, bold patterned shirts. A psychedelic, flamboyant shirt would be a perfect start to capture the essence of his style.

  2. High-Waist Pants: High-waisted 'bell-bottom' jeans were a staple of the '70s and often sported by Greg.

Greg Brady’s Hairstyle: A Signature Look

No Greg Brady costume would be complete without replicating his unique, iconic hairstyle:

  1. '70s Shag: The signature 'shag' hairstyle that Greg sported is essential to nail the look. You can achieve this with a wig, or for those with longer hair, a visit to the hairdresser might do the trick!

Accessories: Embellishing the Look

To truly embody Greg Brady, incorporate these key accessories:

  1. Peace Sign Necklace: A prominent symbol of the '70s culture, a peace sign necklace is an ideal way to replicate Greg Brady's look.

  2. White Belt: A thin, white patent belt worn at the waist was an emblematic part of the '70s fashion and often featured in Greg's outfits.

By focusing on Greg Brady's eye-catching attire, signature hairstyle, and distinctive accessories, you can successfully bring to life the spirit of the '70s and the quintessential style of this beloved TV character. Enjoy the trip down memory lane as you embody the persona of the oldest Brady sibling, Greg!


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