Goonies Sloth Halloween Costume


Creating a Goonies Sloth Costume: Guide to Authenticity

Just in time for Halloween, it's time to pay homage to a cult hit of the 80s, "The Goonies," with a Sloth costume. Known for his distinctive appearance and relatable, lovable character, Sloth is a popular choice for those wanting a throwback costume. This blog will provide you with a guide on creating an accurate Sloth costume from "The Goonies," focusing on three key components: costume, makeup, and accessories.

Costume: Emulating Sloth's Relaxed Style

To start building your Sloth costume, here are the main elements you should gather:

  1. Ragged Shirt: Sloth is often seen in a baggy, ripped Superman t-shirt. Look for one in similar style, or make your own with a red t-shirt and some fabric paint.

  2. Red Suspenders: Secure your ripped t-shirt or ripped pants with a pair of red suspenders, an iconic part of Sloth's outfit.

  3. Pirate Hat: If you're emulating the later scenes in the movie, a pirate hat becomes a key part of Sloth's getup.

Makeup: Creating Sloth's Distinctive Look

One of the most distinctive aspects of Sloth is his unique facial features. Here's a basic guide on achieving Sloth's look:

  1. Asymmetrical Features: Sloth has asymmetrical eyes and distorted facial features. Use makeup and potentially prosthetics to replicate this look.

  2. Hair: Sloth has thin, scraggly hair. Consider using a wig or hair extensions to accomplish this.

  3. Skin Tone: Apply a light beige or gray make-up for accurate skin tone.

Accessories: Capturing Sloth's Charm

Complete your Sloth costume with some final touches:

  1. Candy Bar: An oversized, fake candy bar can serve as a prop to reference one of the movie's famous scenes.

  2. Chunk Doll: If you really want to go the extra mile, find a doll that can serve as Sloth's friend, Chunk.

In conclusion, creating a Sloth costume involves focusing on the costume itself, replicating his unique makeup, and adding final accessories for authenticity. Though eclectic, this character remains a fan favorite, making a Sloth costume a creative and fun choice for Halloween.


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