Golly Superkids Costume


"Golly Superkids" Costume: How to Transform Into Your Favorite Characters

Embrace the momentum of wholesome learning and fun this Halloween by creating a "Golly Kids" inspired costume. The "Golly Superkids" characters, with their vibrant and distinctive appearances, offer a unique spin on the usual superhero costume, while their charm and inspirational messages make these costumes a great choice for kids and the young at heart.

In this blog post, we will focus on creating a "Golly Superkids" costume, specifically the following key points: choosing an appropriate outfit, accessories, and face makeup.

Outfit: Dressing Like a Golly Superkid

Start by selecting a "Golly Superkids" character whose costume you intend to emulate. Here's a simple guide to creating the foundation of any "Golly Superkids" costume:

  1. Character T-Shirt: Most of the Golly Superkids wear a T-shirt featuring a large initial representing their name. Use fabric paint to recreate these initials on a corresponding colored shirt. For example, Golly Gee-Gee's T-shirt is purple and includes a large, white "G."

  2. Shorts or Skirt: Match the T-shirt with a contrasting pair of shorts or skirts. Golly Gee-Gee pairs her purple t-shirt with a green skirt.

  3. Tights or Leggings: Put on a pair of vibrant tights or leggings, taking inspiration from each character. Golly Gee-Gee, for instance, wears orange tights.

  4. Shoes: Choose a pair of sneakers or boots, imitating the footwear of your chosen character.

Accessories: Essential Pieces for the Golly Superkids Look

After assembling your outfit, it's time to focus on details and layer on some accessories:

  1. Cape: Each Golly Superkid sports a cape, symbolizing their superhero status. Again, use fabric paint to draw the character's symbol or initial on a cape that matches the color of your t-shirt.

  2. Gloves & Bands: Some characters wear gloves or bands as part of their attire. Use fabric or store-bought items in the appropriate colors to imitate this.

  3. Headband or Hat: Depending on the character, you may want to add a headband or a hat in a matching or contrasting color.

Face Makeup: Bringing the Character to Life

Finally, you'll want to transform your face to match your chosen character:

  1. Base Makeup: Apply a foundation to your face that complements the color scheme of your character's outfit.

  2. Eye Makeup: Use colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow, but make sure it's child-friendly and safe to use.

  3. Lip Color: Apply a vibrant lip color that works well with the rest of your makeup and your outfit.

In conclusion, creating a "Golly Superkids" costume requires focusing on their characteristic outfits, essential accessories, and distinctive face makeup. Emulating these features will leave you ready to spread the inspiring messages of the "Golly Superkids" while looking just like your favorite character!


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