Glee Cheerleaders Costume


Creating a "Glee" Cheerleaders Costume: Unleash Your School Spirit

Are you ready to burst into song and dance this Halloween? Turn up the volume on your costume creativity with an iconic Cheerios uniform inspired by the "Glee" cheerleaders. In "Glee," the Cheerios are the cheerleading squad at the fictional William McKinley High School, known for their distinctive cheerleading uniforms. This blog post will focus on the key elements you need to put together an authentic "Glee" cheerleaders costume, focusing on uniform selection, accessories, and hairstyle.

Uniform Selection: The Pinnacle of the Cheerios Look

The Cheerios' uniforms are practically characters in their own right, stealing the show in many a "Glee" episode. Here's how to put together your own:

  1. Red and White Cheerleading Top: Find a red and white or red and black cheerleading top, preferably with a large "WM" (for William McKinley) or simply an "M" printed on it.

  2. Cheerleading Skirt: Add a matching red and white or red and black cheerleading skirt. Pay attention to the skirt's length, as this is key to achieving authenticity.

  3. Athletic Shoes: Pair your uniform with white athletic shoes that provide the comfort and flexibility for your spontaneous dance and song performances.

Accessories: Completing the Authentic Cheerios Look

Accessories are key to creating a convincing and complete "Glee" cheerleaders costume:

  1. Pom Poms: Required cheerleading gear! Opt for red and white or red and black pom poms that match your uniform.

  2. Cheerio Logo: Iron on or sew a large "WM" or "M" patch onto the top to replicate the cheerleading squad's logo.

  3. Megaphone: Carry around a megaphone as a prop for added authenticity.

Hairstyle: Manifesting McKinley High Cheerleaders' Style

"Glee" cheerleaders' hairstyles are fairly standard cheerleader fare, clean, neat, and practical:

  1. Ponytail: A high ponytail is a classic choice, but a lower, sleeker version can also do the trick. Be sure to secure it tightly; you need a hairstyle that can withstand a lot of movement.

  2. Cheerleading Bow: Choose a large red and white or red and black cheerleader bow to tie your hair back. The bow is a significant part of the Cheerios' look.

In conclusion, creating a "Glee" cheerleaders costume requires a focus on uniform selection, accessories, and hairstyle. Follow these steps and embrace the spirit of performance, competition, and high school drama that are central themes in "Glee." Remember: costuming is half the fun. After that, all you have to do is get ready to perform your favorite song and dance numbers as you embody these iconic high school cheerleaders!


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