Funny Costumes For Tall Guys


Fabulously Funny Costumes for Tall Guys

Dressing up for a costume party or just donning an outfit to lighten the mood? Being tall offers a range of unique costume opportunities to tickle everyone's funny bone. This blog post will focus on hilarious costume ideas for tall guys, tricks to custom fit these costumes, and suggestions for prop selection to complete the look.

Funny Costume Ideas for Tall Guys

As a tall guy, it's all about using your height to full advantage when choosing a funny costume. Here are some ideas:

Giraffe: The giraffe costume is a natural way to celebrate your height and add chuckles to the event. An easy-to-craft, head-on-sticks giraffe headpiece can elevate this costume to hilarious new heights.

Lurch from The Addams Family: A classic choice that pays homage to your towering stature. Replete with a classy suit and some simple makeup, you can channel this charming character's hilariously stoic nature.

Jolly Green Giant: The famous green mascot wouldn't be quite so 'giant' without a tall guy to portray him appropriately. This costume idea involves green clothing, an ear of corn prop, and quite possibly, body paint.

Giant Inflatable Costume: There are countless varieties available online, from a massive inflatable T-Rex to a gargantuan punching bag, you are sure to get a laugh.

Custom Fitting your Funny Costume

Even though you're taller than average, you can still make costumes fit comfortably. Here are a few tricks:

Extend with Complementary Materials: For instance, if your giraffe neck-piece isn't long enough, you can extend it using additional fabric.

Layer Up: For the Jolly Green Giant costume, you could wear green tights beneath shorts to ensure you're adequately covered.

Shop in the Right Sections: Tall guys often find better fits in the 'Big and Tall' sections of stores or websites.

Props to Complete the Look

Props can add dimension to your costume. Consider these:

Giraffe: A pair of binoculars or a large leafy branch could be hilarious props to go with this outfit.

Lurch: You could carry a serving platter with a ringing bell.

Jolly Green Giant: An 'enlarged' ear of corn or a can of peas could take this costume to the next level.

In conclusion, choosing a funny costume as a tall guy allows you to shine your humor and persona while using your height to its fullest advantage. With unique costume ideas, a few tailoring tricks, and the right props, you'll be the towering life of any party!


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