Diy Spinelli Costume


Schoolyard Style: DIY Spinelli Costume Guide

Embrace the spirit of your favorite Recess character with a DIY Spinelli costume. Ashley Spinelli, known simply as Spinelli on the classic animated series "Recess," is beloved for her spunky, independent, and tough-as-nails character.

In this blog post, we will go over:

  1. An Introduction to Spinelli's Character
  2. The Essentials of a Spinelli Costume
  3. A Step-by-Step Guide for Making a DIY Spinelli Costume
  4. Adding the Final Touches to Your Spinelli Costume

Introduction to Spinelli's Character

Spinelli is a standout character on "Recess," known for her fiery spirit and no-nonsense attitude. She's memorable for her distinctive style, making her persona a wonderfully recognizable pick for any costume event.

The Essentials of a Spinelli Costume

To perfectly capture Spinelli's look, you'll need the following items in your DIY costume:

  1. Iconic Dress: Spinelli is known for her red dress.
  2. Signature Beanie and Hair: Her distinctive orange beanie and pigtails are essential to capture her look.
  3. Leather Jacket: The leather jacket demonstrates her rebel vibe.
  4. Boots: Hiking boots complete the ensemble.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Making a DIY Spinelli Costume

Here's a comprehensive guide to curating your Spinelli costume:

  1. Start With a Red Dress: Begin with finding the right dress. Spinelli's dress is a sleeveless A-line dress (knee- or calf-length) in red. You can use an old dress or acquire an affordable one from a thrift store.

  2. Find a Leather Jacket: The next step is to add a black leather jacket. This can be real or faux leather, and it's better if it's a bit oversized to recreate Spinelli's '90s style.

  3. Get Hiking Boots: Spinelli almost always dons a pair of mid-calf brown hiking boots. If possible, choose a pair that has visible laces and cuffs.

Adding the Final Touches to Your Spinelli Costume

Now that the main elements of your costume are in place, it's time to finish off your Spinelli costume:

  1. Beanie and Hair: Spinelli's orange beanie is essential. You can either buy a similar one or make one yourself using orange wool or fabric. For the hair, braid your own (if long enough) or find some fake hair to create two long pigtails on either side of your head.

  2. Socks: Don't forget to pair your boots with some mid-calf or knee-high socks. Spinelli's socks are usually white, adding a contrasting element to her outfit.

  3. Make-up: Keep it simple. Spinelli is a tomboy with a natural look.

  4. Attitude: Lastly, don't forget to embody Spinelli's feisty and fearless persona!

With this DIY Spinelli Costume, you're set to bring one of the most beloved '90s cartoon characters to life. Whether it's for a costume party, Halloween, or any themed event, this Spinelli costume guarantees a healthy dose of nostalgia and a whole lot of fun.


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