Diy Sebastian Costume


Under the Sea Style: DIY Sebastian Costume Guide

Delight in the magic of Disney by putting together a DIY Sebastian costume from "The Little Mermaid." This fun-loving, musically inclined crab is one of the most iconic Disney sidekicks and makes an excellent choice for fancy dress events, Halloween, cosplay events, or any Disney-themed gathering.

In this blog post, we'll cover:

  1. Conceptualizing the Sebastian Costume
  2. Key Elements for a DIY Sebastian Costume
  3. Step-by-Step Instructions for Your DIY Sebastian Costume
  4. Finishing Touches for Your Sebastian Costume

Conceptualizing the Sebastian Costume

When creating your Sebastian costume from "The Little Mermaid," remember that he is a vibrant red crab who's always ready to break into song. Clothing, makeup, and props can all be used to pay homage to Sebastian's unique undersea style.

Key Elements for a DIY Sebastian Costume

To pull off a successful Sebastian costume, you will need:

  1. Red Clothing Items: As a bright red crab, you'll primarily need red items of clothing to portray Sebastian.
  2. Shell Accessories: Sebastian features prominent shell pieces, which can be made or acquired.
  3. Crustacean Features: Sebastian's eyes, claws, and legs contribute greatly to his recognizable persona.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Your DIY Sebastian Costume

  1. Base Clothing: Start with a red t-shirt, turtleneck, or hoodie as the base of your costume. For the lower half, you can go with red leggings or pants.

  2. Crab Shell: On top of your base clothing, consider creating a shell feature for the back. This could be done by attaching a large, reddish-brown fabric piece or foam cut into the shape of a shell.

  3. Crab Claws: You can create Sebastian's claws using large red mittens, foam, or felt. If you're getting creative with it, you could add more detail to mimic the segmented look of real crab claws.

Finishing Touches for Your Sebastian Costume

  1. Headpiece: A red hat or headband can act as the base for the eyes and antennae. Attach large googly eyes to the hat and use pipe cleaners for the antennae.

  2. Makeup: Consider using red and black face paint to create Sebastian's cheerful smile or to color any uncovered areas of your body.

  3. Additional Legs: Since Sebastian is a decapod, you could consider adding more legs. These could be red stockings filled with stuffing that you attach to your sides.

Your DIY Sebastian Costume is complete! Entertain everyone with your rendition of Sebastian by getting into the spirit – sing, dance, and spread a little under-the-sea enchantment with your costume.


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