Diy Lizzie Borden Costume


Victorian Vengeance: DIY Lizzie Borden Costume Guide

Delving into the world of true crime or historical figures, a Lizzie Borden-inspired costume brings a blend of Victorian style and eerie criminal history to life. Famous for her trial in the brutal axe murders of her father and stepmother in 1892, despite her acquittal, Lizzie Borden remains a figure of intrigue, making a Lizzie Borden costume an exciting choice for your next costume event.

In this blog post, we'll explore:

  1. Lizzie Borden's Historic Look
  2. Key Elements of a DIY Lizzie Borden Costume
  3. Assembling Your DIY Lizzie Borden Costume
  4. Adding Finishing Touches to Your DIY Costume

Lizzie Borden's Historic Look

Lizzie Borden's iconic look includes traditional Victorian-age clothing, but with a touch of the sinister due to the dark history associated with her. The ultimate DIY Lizzie Borden costume should reflect both her historic style and the macabre story that surrounds her.

Key Elements of a DIY Lizzie Borden Costume

Key elements of a DIY Lizzie Borden costume include:

  1. Victorian Dress: Dark-colored, with high necklines, long sleeves, and snug bodices being characteristic of the Victorian era fashion.
  2. Hair: Victorian women often wore their hair up, typically in a bun or braids.
  3. Accessories: Pearls, cameo brooches, or ribbons can be additional touches.
  4. The Infamous Axe: Though it was never proven that Borden used an axe, this item has become synonymous with her story.

Assembling Your DIY Lizzie Borden Costume

Here’s a roadmap to assembling your DIY Lizzie Borden costume:

  1. Victorian Dress: Search for Victorian replica clothing at secondhand stores, vintage shops, or even theatrical costume resources. Opt for dark colors including black, deep greens, or burgundy.

  2. Hair: Consider putting your hair up in a bun, or if your hair is shorter, consider adding a wig for the occasion. Make sure to choose something in a dark color like brown or black.

  3. Accessories: Hunt for Victorian-inspired jewelry, such as a cameo brooch, or pearl earrings or necklaces. It adds an authentic touch to your costume.

Adding Finishing Touches to Your DIY Costume

To take your DIY Lizzie Borden costume to the next level, consider these final additions:

  1. The Infamous Axe: Find a plastic or foam prop axe from a costume store to carry as a grim reminder of the infamous Lizzie storyline.

  2. Makeup: Keep your makeup simple and minimalistic, as per appropriate for the Victorian era.

  3. Footwear: Pair your dress with simple, leather-style ankle boots or lace-up boots.

Creating a DIY Lizzie Borden costume offers an intriguing blend of history and horror, making for a memorable outfit that's sure to amaze. However, always remember that the best costume is not just about the clothes – it's about stepping into the character's shoes and infusing your attire with elements of their persona. Embody the eerie, sophisticated demeanor of Lizzie Borden to truly bring your costume to life.


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