Death By Chocolate Costumes


Satisfying a Sweet Tooth: Creating a Death by Chocolate Costume

Imagine walking into a Halloween party, attired not as a vampire or a zombie, but something even more irresistible - chocolate! A simple yet creative idea for a ravishing costume, Death by Chocolate, is a unique concept that brings together the world of confectionery and costumes. In this blog, we're focusing on how to create this delectably delightful costume.

We will focus on the following areas:

  1. Understanding the concept of Death by Chocolate costume
  2. Gathering the necessary materials
  3. Creating the costume
  4. Completing the look

Understanding the Concept of a Death by Chocolate Costume

Drawing inspiration from the rich and indulgent dessert, a 'Death by Chocolate' costume should scream delicious, decadent, and deathly. Think of drizzles of chocolate, candy bars, whipped cream, the works!

Gathering the Necessary Materials

For this sweet endeavor, you'll need:

  1. Brown Outfit: Your base outfit could be a brown dress, suit, or tracksuit, depending on your preference.
  2. Material for Decorations: Foam paper, cardboard or craft paper in various colors (brown, white, yellow, red) for making chocolates, candy wrappers, and other chocolate treat imitations.
  3. Adhesive: Hot glue or fabric glue to attach your decorations to the outfit.
  4. Additional Props: A headband for making a chocolate-coated headpiece, and costume makeup for completing the look.

Creating the Costume

  1. Making the Chocolate Treats: Using your craft materials, create various types of chocolates. You can make candy bars, chocolate drizzle, kisses, whipped cream, and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Remember to give each item a deadly twist – think skull-shaped truffles or ghostly white chocolates.
  2. Decorating the Outfit: Arrange and stick these items on your brown outfit using hot glue or fabric glue. Make sure to cover the outfit well, but don't overcrowd it – let each piece be visible.
  3. Creating the Headpiece: Take a headband and attach a few chocolate treats to it. This will serve as a yummy, eye-catching accessory!

Completing the Look

  1. Makeup: Play around with brown and white face paint to create a melted chocolate look. You could even use some 'chocolate' lipstick!
  2. Props: Carry a 'chocolate-covered' prop - say, a handbag looking like a candy wrapper, or a faux chocolate bar.

There you have it – a Death by Chocolate costume that's sure to make you the life (or death, in keeping with the theme) of the party. Dive into the world of sweetness, stand out with your delicious ensemble, and let your creativity take the cake...or rather, the confectionery!


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