Dark Crystal Landstrider Costume


Constructing a Dark Crystal Landstrider Costume: A Step-by-Step Guide

For lovers of Jim Henson's iconic fantasy film "The Dark Crystal," embodying the film's unique characters can be a real treat. And if you're one who savors a challenge, a Landstrider costume may just be the thing for you! Landstriders are striking woodland creatures from the film, remembered for their long, stilt-like legs and rabbit-like heads.

Creating a Landstrider costume requires a creative, adventurous spirit. In this article we'll guide you through the process, focusing on these key points:

  1. Planning the structure and functionality,
  2. Gathering materials and supplies,
  3. Crafting each component piece,
  4. Assembling the costume.

Planning the Structure and Functionality

Creating a Landstrider costume is no small task—it's tall, intricate, and requires careful planning.

  1. Sketch Your Design: Begin by sketching your intended costume. An anatomically accurate landstrider costume might not be wearable, so focus on an interpretation that you can comfortably wear. You may opt for stilt-like extensions for your arms, with your legs serving as the Landstrider's back legs.

  2. Consider Mobility: Make a plan for how you'll move and balance in the costume. Remember, safety and comfort should be just as important as aesthetics.

Gathering Materials and Supplies

Collecting the right materials is key - you'll want materials that are lightweight but sturdy, so the costume remains wearable.

  1. Stilts or Arm Extensions: Gather lightweight materials like PVC pipe and joint connectors. Use foam padding for the handles/braces.

  2. Body of the Costume: Utilize flexible, sculptable materials like chicken wire for structure, and lightweight fabric such as felt for the Landstrider's fur.

  3. Headpiece: A large ball of lightweight material (like a hard styrofoam) can serve as the base of the headpiece.

Crafting the Costume Components

With your design plan and supplies in hand, it's time to construct your costume.

  1. Stilts or Arm Extensions: Build your stilts or arm extensions to your desired length, equipped with padded braces for comfort.

  2. Body Suit: Start by shaping the chicken wire into a basic torso structure. Once shaped, apply the felt/fur over the structure and secure with strong adhesive.

  3. Headpiece: Carve the styrofoam ball into shape for the Landstrider's sizeable, expressive face. Paint and add fabric as necessary to capture the creature's facial features.

Assembling the Costume

  1. Body Suit and Extensions: Secure the body suit and stilt extensions together, based on your design plan.

  2. Headpiece: Ensure the headpiece is light enough and secure enough to be worn comfortably.

  3. Last-Minute Touches: Pay attention to detailing – paint on fur textures, add eyes and teeth to the headpiece, and ensure the colors match as closely as possible to the Landstriders depicted in "The Dark Crystal."

Creating your own Dark Crystal Landstrider costume is indeed a labor of love—and a testament to your appreciation of Jim Henson's visionary work. Use this guide to tackle the challenge step-by-step, focusing on function, wearability, and, above all, the joy of embodying one of "The Dark Crystal's" most beloved creatures.


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