D B Cooper Costume


D.B. Cooper Costume: Capture the Mystery of the Legendary Hijacker

D.B. Cooper, the infamous skyjacker who hijacked a plane in 1971 and disappeared after parachuting, remains a mystery to this day. For those who are fascinated by unsolved mysteries and love a good true crime story, this costume is a perfect fit. This guide provides detailed instructions for creating a D.B. Cooper costume, emphasizing the outfit, accessories, and any additional elements to provide an exciting and unique costume statement.

The Outfit: Business Attire with a Twist

As D.B. Cooper was described wearing a businessman's suit during the hijacking, the goal is to replicate this attire.

  1. Suit: Choose a black or dark-colored suit, preferably with a jacket and trousers.

  2. Shirt and tie: Pair the suit with a white dress shirt and a black necktie for a classic look.

  3. Overcoat: An optional black overcoat can add an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to the costume.

Accessories: A Mix of the Mysterious and Practical

D.B. Cooper's look was characterized by a few key accessories.

  1. Sunglasses: Sporting aviator sunglasses or any dark, non-reflective sunglasses will give your costume the enigmatic D.B. Cooper touch.

  2. Briefcase: Carry a briefcase to hold the prop "loot," and even add fake money spilling out for added effect.

  3. Parachute: This prop can range from a simple backpack to a more authentic-looking parachute harness. Make sure it is compact and comfortable to wear.

  4. Airline ticket or boarding pass: Create a mock airline ticket or boarding pass with D.B. Cooper's name on it as a unique prop to hold or keep in your pocket.

Beyond Outfit and Accessories

To solidify the D.B. Cooper vibe, adopt a mysterious, elusive demeanor, and let the legend's story be the captivating talking point of your costume.

Creating a convincing and captivating D.B. Cooper costume requires a mix of simple, sophisticated elements from a bygone era and some creative accessorizing. Combine a 1970s-era businessman's suit with aviator sunglasses, a briefcase, and a prop parachute, and you'll be the toast of any true-crime enthusiast's Halloween or costume party.


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