Clarence Worley Costume


Clarence Worley Costume: Step into the Style of a Quentin Tarantino Classic

"True Romance" is a cult classic film from the early '90s, directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino. One of the main characters, Clarence Worley, portrayed by Christian Slater, has a unique look that is simple yet holds a stylish edge. If you want to dress as Clarence for a costume event or a theme party, follow the guidelines below, in which we focus on key elements of the Clarence Worley costume.

Classic Blue Jeans

A pair of classic, straight leg blue jeans is a must-have for a Clarence Worley costume. It's one of the character's most recognizable looks from the movie. The jeans should be a medium wash – not too light, not too dark.

Hawaiian Shirt

Clarence is frequently seen in a short-sleeved, bright-colored Hawaiian shirt. The shirt features a bold pattern, typically with flowers or other tropical elements. Seek out a shirt with bold colors like red, blue, or green to replicate his look accurately.

White Tank Top

Underneath his Hawaiian shirt, Clarence often wears a plain white tank top or sleeveless undershirt. This balances the boldness of the Hawaiian shirt and contributes to his casual style.

Round Sunglasses

Clarence's outfit is typically complemented by a pair of classic round sunglasses. These should have a gold or silver frame, with dark lenses.


Two essential accessories that help complete your Clarence Worley costume are:

  • Cigarettes: Clarence is often seen smoking in the film. Carry a cigarette – you can use a fake one – to add this signature touch to your costume.

  • A black bet: It should be a simple, plain black belt without any flashy buckles or designs.


Clarence Worley finishes his casual look with a pair of classic white sneakers. Make sure your shoes are clean and bright white to match his style.

The Hair and Characters

Clarence has a casual, slightly messy hairstyle. It's fairly lengthy and often slicked back. If your hair doesn't match, a wig could be an option.

Clarence is a good-natured, somewhat naive character with an endearing charm and somewhat quirky demeanor. If you want to take your Clarence Worley costume to the next level, try to embody some of his key character traits.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to compose a convincing Clarence Worley costume that instantly reminds others of "True Romance". We hope these tips help you attain a successful and recognizable look. Break a leg!


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