Chinese Tea Nutcracker Costumes


A Dance of Delight: Creating Chinese Tea Nutcracker Costumes

One of the most iconic and enchanting characters from Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" ballet is the Chinese Tea (Tea from China). This character represents an exotic and vibrant dance filled with quick movements and spectacular leaps. If your goal is to recreate the Chinese Tea dance costume, focus on the traditional elements of Chinese dress, the touches that adhere to the ballet aesthetic, and the colors and accessories that make this Nutcracker costume distinctive and magical.

Craft Your Own Chinese Tea Nutcracker Costume

Follow these steps to experience the magic of ballet and create your own Chinese Tea Nutcracker costume:

  1. Dress: Start by crafting a traditional Chinese inspired dress. A popular choice would be a variation of the Qipao or Cheongsam, which often features a high collar, fitted waist, and side slits. The dress should ideally be made from silk or satin in vibrant colors like red or gold. If sewing isn't your forte, you can find a base dress online and embellish it according to your needs.

  2. Colors: Stick to traditional Chinese colors which are auspicious and vibrant. Reds, golds, and blacks are typically used in the costume. These colors not only make the dancer stand out on stage but also adhere to Chinese cultural symbolism.

  3. Ballet Elements: The Nutcracker is, after all, a ballet. Therefore, the costume should maintain a streamlined silhouette to highlight the dancer’s movements. Tights in a neutral shade (like skin tone) and ballet slippers are must-haves for the dancer.

  4. Headdress: A distinctively decorative headdress or hair accessory is an important part of the Chinese Tea costume. It adds an extra layer of ornateness. Consider accessories like fans, butterfly clips, or even artificial flowers that match the color scheme of your costume.

  5. Fan: In some performances of "The Nutcracker," the Chinese Tea dancers use props, like fans, during their dance. If you want to stay true to this performance tradition, include a beautiful, intricately designed Chinese fan.

  6. Beadwork and Embroidery: To make the costume more authentic, add beaded tassels or silk embroidery, which are traditional in Chinese clothing. These elements add another layer of texture and richness to the overall look.


Creating a Chinese Tea Nutcracker costume is a fascinating exploration of Chinese traditional fashion intertwined with the enchantment of Nutcracker ballet. The costume offers a delightful fusion of cultures and opens up an opportunity for creative self-expression. So, hoist up your fan, strike a pose, and prepare for the imaginary applause as you bring the magic of the Nutcracker's Chinese Tea to life!


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