Captain Boomerang Costume


From Comics to Cosplay: Crafting Your Captain Boomerang Costume

Whether you're an avid fan of DC comics or were introduced to the character through the 'Suicide Squad' movie, Captain Boomerang's outfit makes for a distinctive cosplay choice. George Harkness, a.k.a. Captain Boomerang, has a unique aesthetic that combines elements of traditional Australian attire with a rogue anti-hero edge. In this blog, we will focus on the key points to successfully creating your own Captain Boomerang costume.

Step 1: The Top

The upper part of Captain Boomerang's costume consists mainly of a bomber jacket and a sweatshirt:

  • Bomber Jacket: Choose a navy or black bomber jacket that will serve as a key piece for your costume.

  • Sweatshirt: Captain Boomerang is often seen in a sweatshirt with a blue and white topographic map design. You can either find a similar one online, or DIY one using fabric paint or markers on a plain grey sweatshirt.

Step 2: The Bottoms

Harkness' costume in the 'Suicide Squad' film has him wearing track pants, which adds to his rough-around-the-edges personality:

  • Track Pants: Opt for a pair of black and white or navy and white track pants to match with your top.

Step 3: The Footwear

The right footwear is essential for completing the Captain Boomerang look:

  • Boots: Choose solid, heavy-duty work boots or combat boots for a rugged touch.

Step 4: The Accessories

Captain Boomerang’s accessories contribute significantly to his iconic look:

  • Beanie Hat: Captain Boomerang wears a trademark gray beanie hat. Try to find one with a similar "Captain" text printed on it or, alternatively, customize a plain gray beanie with fabric markers.

  • Boomerangs: It wouldn’t be a Captain Boomerang costume without boomerangs. You can find toy versions or make your own from foam or cardboard.

  • Scarf: In many iterations of the character, Captain Boomerang sports a brightly colored striped scarf. Using fabric of contrasting colors, you can sew your own or track one down from vintage shops or online.

  • Jewelry: Don’t forget his gold necklace and ring to add to the rough-and-ready vibe.

Step 5: The Makeup and Hair

Captain Boomerang sports a scruffy beard and unkempt hair:

  • Beard: If you can't grow one in time for your event, consider using a realistic faux beard.

  • Hair: He wears his hair slicked back or down. If your hair is similar in length, you can replicate the style, or consider a wig that matches.

By considering these key points, you can create a spot-on Captain Boomerang costume for your next cosplay event or Halloween party. This distinctive costume choice is sure to make you stand out as a DC villain aficionado in any crowd.


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