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Creating the Ultimate Brett "Alien" Costume for Halloween

The iconic horror science fiction film, "Alien," directed by Ridley Scott left us with many memorable characters, one of whom was Brett, masterfully played by Harry Dean Stanton. His look offers a great opportunity for an unforgettable and unique Halloween costume. This blog post focuses on how to craft an exceptional Brett "Alien" costume.

Introduction to Brett from "Alien"

Before jumping into the costume details, let's remember who Brett is. Brent was a part of the seven-member crew of the commercial vessel Nostromo owned by Weyland-Yutani. He was the engineering technician, a low-ranking crew member responsible for maintaining the ship's mechanical and electrical systems.

Key Elements of the Brett "Alien" Costume

Crafting an effective Brett costume involves paying attention to his overall appearance and the characteristic details of his outfit in the movie.

1. The Outfit: Brett's outfit is strictly utilitarian and part of his engineer's uniform. The main elements include a white short-sleeve t-shirt, a green mechanic jumpsuit - preferably with a patch pocket at the chest, leather boots, and an oversized trucker hat.

2. The Cap: One of the most noticeable elements of Brett's attire is his 70's style off-white oversized trucker cap with an extended brim. The cap has the word 'Nostromo' on it, referencing the spaceship he serves on. The cap can be easily recreated using fabric paint to write 'Nostromo' on an off-white oversized trucker cap.

3. Props: Think about adding a simple prop, like a wrench or a flashlight, to accentuate Brett's role as an engineering technician on the spaceship.

4. The Look: Brett sports an unkempt beard and long hair, showcasing his disheveled appearance. Consider adding a beard or wig if necessary to achieve the complete look.

5. Mannerisms and Attitude: Brett is characterized by his laid-back attitude and his often-used phrase, "Right". Practice incorporating this into your costume portrayal to truly dive into character.

Creating a Halloween costume that stands out can be a challenge, but taking the time to replicate Brett's "Alien" look is worth the effort. You'll not only impress sci-fi fans, but also have a unique and well-thought-out costume, paying tribute to this classic science-fiction horror film.


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