Bird Box Costume


Bird Box Costume

If you're looking to recreate a costume from the thriller movie Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, here's what you'll need:

1. Sandra Bullock's Character Malorie Costume:


In Bird Box, characters cover their eyes to protect themselves from the unseen creatures. To replicate this, wear a blindfold.

Green Army Jacket

Throughout many parts of the movie, Malorie can be seen wearing a green military-style jacket. Add this for authenticity.

Black Pants

Pair the jacket with black pants. Jeans are preferable as they are in line with the survivalist tone of the movie.

Brown Boots

Rugged, practical brown boots add to the adventurous spirit of the character.

BirdBox & Props

For further accuracy, carry a box with stuffed birds init and green leaves à la Bird Box cover, or carry two children's dolls to represent the children in the movie.

2. Boy's or Girl's Costume:

  • Blindfold: Again, essential for the Bird Box look.
  • Blue or Pink Jacket: Depending on whether you are recreating Boy's or Girl's costume, choose either a blue or pink jacket.
  • Jeans and Boots: Practical jeans and boots are a must for these survival-focused characters.

Remember, safety comes first. If you're wearing a blindfold as part of your costume, never navigate or walk around without seeing where you're going. Use it only for photographs or standing poses. Always remove it if you're moving or engaging in any other activities.


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