Billy Barker Fear Street Costume


Billy Barker Fear Street Costume

If you're looking to create a Billy Barker costume from Fear Street, here's a list of elements to compose an eerie and iconic look:

1. Baseball Uniform

Billy Barker is known for wearing a vintage baseball uniform. Look for a white or off-white baseball shirt and pants. You can either purchase a vintage replica or create something similar using white fabric or an existing baseball uniform.

2. Baseball Cap

Complete the baseball attire with a matching cap to give an authentic look to your costume.

3. Dirt and Grime

Add some dirt and grime to the uniform and cap by smudging black, brown, or gray makeup or fabric paint. Make sure not to overdo it; just enough to give the impression that you've been lurking around for almost a century.

4. Undead Makeup

To achieve the undead appearance, apply white or pale makeup to your face and neck. Add dark circles around your eyes with black and gray makeup. Use a combination of black, gray, and brown makeup to create a hollow and sunken appearance.

5. Messy Hair

If your hair is visible under the cap, make it look messy and unkempt. You can use hair products like hair wax or gel to keep your hair in a disheveled state.

6. Weapon: Baseball Bat

As his weapon of choice, carry a baseball bat in one hand. If you want to give a more gruesome appearance, you can add some fake blood stains to the bat.

Remember, as with any costume involving a weapon, make sure the baseball bat you carry is a harmless prop or made of a lightweight material that cannot cause injury. Always follow local laws and guidelines on carrying props or costumes in public spaces. Have fun dressing up as the creepy Billy Barker from Fear Street!


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