Big Little Reveal Costume Ideas


Big Little Reveal Costume Ideas

Big Little Reveal is a sorority tradition where a "big sister" reveals she has been secretly supporting a new member ("little sister"). Many sororities celebrate this event with a theme. Here are some costume reveal ideas that could be fun:

1. Disney Theme

Big sister: Princess (Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White etc.)
Little sister: The matching Sidekick (Gus the mouse, Flounder the fish, Doc the dwarf etc.)

2. Superheroes Theme

Big sister: Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America
Little sister: Robin, Supergirl, Bucky

3. Harry Potter Theme

Big sister: Harry, Hermione, Ron
Little sister: Matching character in younger form or another character from the same house

4. Animals Theme

Big sister: Lion, Tiger, Bear
Little sister: Cub, Kitten, Cub

5. Famous Duos

Big sister: Peanut butter, Milk, Chips, Hall of fame musicians like Paul McCartney
Little sister: Jelly, Cookies, Salsa, Iconic musicians like John Lennon

6. Food Items Theme

Big sister: Burger, Pizza, Sushi
Little sister: Fries, Slice, Soy Sauce

Remember, the costume choices should reflect the personalities of both the Big and Little sisters. No matter what the theme, put thought and heart into the costumes to show how much you care. Enjoy the fun day with a great costume that will make your Big Little Reveal unforgettable.


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