Beauty and The Beast jr Costumes

 "Beauty and the Beast Jr." is a popular stage adaptation of the classic Disney film. Here are some costume ideas for key characters in "Beauty and the Beast Jr." that you can consider:

1. Belle

   - Classic blue peasant dress: Belle is known for her iconic blue dress. Look for a knee-length, simple blue dress with white puffy sleeves and a white apron. You can also add a white ribbon or sash around the waist.

   - Brown or black flats: Pair the dress with comfortable brown or black flats.

   - Optional accessories: A small basket or a book can add to Belle's character.

2. Beast

   - Beast mask or makeup: Use special effects makeup or a Beast mask to create a more animal-like appearance. Alternatively, you can use prosthetics or face paint to mimic the Beast's facial features.

   - Tattered royal clothing: Create a tattered, regal look using layers of torn and aged clothing in dark colors like navy, black, or purple. Add a cape or a cloak for added drama.

   - Furry gloves: Use gloves with faux fur or textured fabric to resemble the Beast's paws.

   - Sturdy boots: Choose boots that match the Beast's rugged appearance.

3. Gaston

   - Red jacket: Look for a red military-style jacket with gold buttons and epaulets. Pair it with black pants.

   - Yellow vest: Wear a yellow or gold-colored vest underneath the jacket.

   - Brown boots: Opt for knee-high brown boots to complete Gaston's look.

   - Optional accessories: A black belt, a red ascot, and a prop hunting rifle can further enhance the character.

4. Lumière

   - Candelabra headpiece: Create a candelabra headpiece using wire, candles (LED for safety), and gold-colored fabric or paper. Make sure it's securely attached to a headband or hat.

   - Gold or yellow ensemble: Wear a gold or yellow suit with long sleeves, resembling the shape of a candlestick. Add gold or yellow pants to match.

   - Optional accessories: Attach flame-like fabric or tulle to the ends of the sleeves and pant legs to simulate flickering candle flames.

5. Mrs. Potts

   - Teapot costume: Use a large teapot-shaped dress or a teapot-shaped hat to represent Mrs. Potts. The costume can be made of fabric or foam. Decorate it with colorful floral patterns and use gold or silver fabric to resemble the spout and handle.

   - Optional accessories: Carry a small teacup or teapot as a prop.

Remember, these are just general ideas to help you get started. Adapt the costumes based on your available resources, budget, and creative vision for the production. Consider the specific requirements and style of your production while designing the costumes for "Beauty and the Beast Jr."


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