Bald Eagle Costume Diy

 Creating a DIY bald eagle costume can be a fun and patriotic project. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make your own:

Materials Needed

- Brown or tan bodysuit or leotard

- White faux fur or feathers

- Brown faux fur or feathers

- Black felt or fabric

- Yellow felt or fabric

- Styrofoam or cardboard

- Glue gun and glue sticks

- Scissors

- Elastic or straps for securing the wings


1. Bodysuit Base:

   - Start with a brown or tan bodysuit or leotard as the base of your costume. This will represent the body of the bald eagle.

2. Wings:

   - Cut out wing shapes from brown faux fur or feathers.

   - Attach elastic or straps to secure the wings to your arms, allowing them to flap when you move.

3. Headpiece:

   - Cut out a piece of white faux fur or feathers to create the bald eagle's head.

   - Use black felt or fabric to cut out the shape of the eagle's eyes. Attach these on the white fur/feather piece.

   - Cut out a yellow beak shape from yellow felt or fabric and attach it below the eyes.

   - Attach the completed headpiece to a headband or hat that matches your hair color.

4. Tail:

   - Create a tail by attaching long brown faux fur or feathers to a strip of fabric or cardboard.

   - Attach the tail to the back of the bodysuit using a glue gun or safety pins.

5. Feet and Talons:

   - Cut out talon shapes from black felt or fabric.

   - Attach the talons to the ends of your shoes or create shoe covers with the talons attached.

6. Additional Details:

   - You can add additional feathers or faux fur to the bodysuit or the wings for a more textured appearance if desired.

Remember to secure all attachments safely and comfortably. Take care when using hot glue guns or scissors, and consider seeking assistance from an adult if needed. Have fun creating your bald eagle costume and enjoy representing this majestic bird


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