Arrow Through Head Costume

 Creating an "arrow through the head" costume can be a fun and humorous choice. Here's how you can make this costume:

1. Materials

   - A plastic arrow prop: You can find toy arrows at party supply stores or online. Make sure it has a suction cup or blunt end for safety.

   - Headband: Choose a comfortable headband that fits securely on your head.

   - Foam or craft board: Get a piece of foam or craft board in a color that matches your hair.

2. Prep the arrow

   - Remove any sharp or pointed ends from the arrow, ensuring it is safe to wear.

   - If the arrow is too long, trim it to a suitable length that appears to be going through your head when attached to the headband.

3. Attach the arrow to the headband

   - Use hot glue to secure one side of the arrow to the headband. Make sure it's positioned in the center so that it appears to go through your head when worn.

   - Allow the glue to dry completely to ensure the arrow remains securely attached.

4. Create the illusion

   - Cut out a piece of foam or craft board in the shape of a section of hair that matches your hair color.

   - Attach the foam or craft board piece to the headband, covering the part where the arrow is attached. It should look like the arrow is going through your head but hidden by the "hair."

5. Hair styling

   - Style your hair as usual around the arrow and the foam or craft board piece to make it blend with your natural hair and create a cohesive look.

Remember, safety should always be a priority. Ensure that the arrow is properly secured and does not have any sharp ends before wearing the costume. This costume idea relies on the element of surprise and humor, so have fun with it!


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