Anne hathaway Alice In Wonderland Costume

 To create an Anne Hathaway-inspired Alice in Wonderland costume, specifically based on her portrayal of the White Queen, here's what you can do:

1. Dress

   - Look for a white or pale-colored long-sleeved gown or dress that reaches the floor.

   - Choose a dress with a high neckline and flowing, ethereal fabric to capture the elegance of the White Queen's attire.

   - The dress should have a fitted bodice and a loose, flowing skirt.

2. Accessories

   - Find a crown or tiara with intricate detailing to represent the White Queen's regal status.

   - Consider wearing long white gloves that extend past your elbows for an elegant touch.

   - Look for delicate, white lace or sheer fabric to create a drape or cape that can be worn over your arms or shoulders.

3. Hair and Makeup

   - Style your hair in an updo or a loose, braided hairstyle adorned with flowers or pearls.

   - Opt for a pale complexion and soft makeup with light pink or nude shades for a fairytale-like appearance.

   - Apply a shimmery highlighter to give a subtle glow to your face.

4. Props

   - Carry a wand or scepter with a decorative handle that complements your costume. You can create one using a wooden dowel, painted and adorned with faux gemstones or ribbons.

   - Optionally, carry a small book or prop related to Alice in Wonderland, such as a pocket watch or a key.

5. Footwear

   - Wear simple, low-heeled shoes or sandals in a neutral color like white or silver that match the overall aesthetic of the costume.

Remember, this costume is inspired by Anne Hathaway's portrayal of the White Queen in "Alice in Wonderland." Embrace the whimsical and regal nature of the character while creating your own interpretation. Enjoy stepping into the magical world of Wonderland!


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