AC/DC Costume

 If you're looking for a costume inspired by the legendary rock band AC/DC, known for their electrifying performances and iconic style, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Angus Young

   - Schoolboy uniform: Black blazer, white collared shirt, black tie, black shorts or pants, and knee-high socks.

   - Gibson SG guitar replica or air guitar.

   - Optional accessories: Flat cap, black wristbands, and black sneakers.

2. Brian Johnson:

   - Black leather jacket or vest.

   - AC/DC band t-shirt.

   - Distressed jeans or black pants.

   - Black boots.

   - Optional accessories: Sunglasses, microphone, and bandana.

3. Bon Scott:

   - Sleeveless denim jacket or leather vest.

   - AC/DC band t-shirt.

   - Jeans with rips or patches.

   - Converse-style sneakers or motorcycle boots.

   - Optional accessories: Fedora hat, wallet chain, and studded belt.

4. Rocker Fan:

   - AC/DC band t-shirt or tank top.

   - Leather or denim jacket covered in AC/DC patches.

   - Ripped jeans or leather pants.

   - Studded belt.

   - Black boots or high-top sneakers.

   - Optional accessories: Bandana, wristbands, and sunglasses.

5. Groupie:

   - AC/DC band t-shirt or crop top.

   - Denim shorts or mini skirt.

   - Fishnet stockings.

   - Platform boots or high heels.

   - Optional accessories: Choker necklace, studded bracelets, and leather jacket.

Remember to embrace the rebellious rock 'n' roll spirit of AC/DC when putting together your costume. Incorporate elements such as black leather, denim, band t-shirts, and iconic accessories to capture the essence of this legendary band. Don't forget to have fun and rock out in your AC/DC-inspired costume!


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